Wanida Keeping (Yui) | Wanida Boutique

“Before moving to Cape Town, I lived in Bangkok. A city where pollution and clothingwaste are commonplace, thanks to the mass production of fast fashion in Thailand. When Imoved to the Mother City in 2016, I was taken by this beautiful city full of fresh air and thewonders of mother nature. It hit me how lucky I am to enjoy her natural wonders – and howimportant it is for me to play my part in ensuring that our natural world is protected.Attending a Twyg magazine event a few years ago, I really began to understand theimportance of sustainability. It struck me that at home in Bangkok, there’s such an overabundance of unsustainable clothing, but here in South Africa, you find so many localdesigners each championing sustainability. It’s incredibly inspiring. So much so, that when Istarted my brand in 2019, my primary thought was: how do I not contribute to fashion’s overwaste? Especially since my designs use a lot of fabric, I try to use 100% cotton as much as Ican find fabrics here from local supply and produce low runs or make-to-order, to preventdeadstock. My customers really appreciate what the brand stands for. I keep it small so that itstays special – and sustainable, of course!” –

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Jess Elliot

The tees are made locally in Cape Town using a sustainable DTF printing system made to sustain the colour and quality to last a lifetime. Each T-shirt is hand printed in-house by myself, promoting the concept of the direct link from designer to customer.

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Every Kind Apparel

Our aim is to create designs that you can take and style in the way you feel the best. All our designs are limited edition, as we believe slow fashion is priority in this fast paced industry and is a huge part of our companies ethos. As we aim to bring our customers quality designs, over quantity.

All our products are sourced and produced locally, as we aim to support our community, through our business with local suppliers, and help invest in our economy and country's future.

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Lily Label

Lily swimwear is designed and ethically made in Cape Town, South Africa. They are an independent female-owned South African brand.

The swimwear is manufactured by a combination of hand and machine work by the loveliest South African women. The fabrics are imported from Italy and made from ECONYL®. Nylon waste from landfills and oceans (including fishnets) around the world is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It's exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

Lily provides a variety of swimwear designs, that focus on what makes each body unique and beautiful, whilst emphasising comfort and confidence. Each Lily item empowers women to feel sexy and supported. From bikinis, micro-kinis, bandeaus and one-pieces, you are guaranteed to find a style that makes you feel wonderful.

When you buy from Lily you are supporting an independent, female owned business, that ensures your swimwear is ethically produced to the highest quality South Africa has to offer.

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Nice & Lucky Collective

The aim has always been to create a collective of unique items all made by hand & locally produced in Cape Town. Everything from the clay to all of the little gems, is sourced from local suppliers and made with passion.

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17:17 Collection

We stand for sustainability. Everything is locally South African made, by hand with lots of time, love and precision. We care about your comfortability, that is the reason why we only use 100% Cotton yard from eco-friendly South African brands. We are not just a brand, we uniquely put everything together for people to become aware of conscious shopping. Quality and local is at the forefront of our business.

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Humble Jungle

Our vision is to help these small businesses to grow in the South African Market. We believe that by supporting local, we can make a real contribution towards strengthening our countries economy, and in turn developing a better life for our future generations.

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